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Cool-Room Shelving


Zinc Long Span Shelving

Zinc Longspan 2

  • 250kg per shelf level!
  • Corrosion resistant zinc finish
  • Wire shelf panels are easy to remove and clean
  • Boltless, easy to install
  • Cost effective


Standard height: 1800mm, 2150mm

Bay depth: 450mm, 600mm

Bay width: 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm


Delta Cool Room Shelving

Ideal for general storage needs and specific applications including commercial kitchens, laundries, bottle shops / liquor outlets, nurseries, industrial clothing outlets, hospitals and a host of other industries that require coolroom shelving.

Strong and durable with the commercial look of stylish clean lines, they are equally at home in harsh environments, like cold stores, as they are in front-of-shop retail applications.

Where space is at a premium in small areas, or you want to utilize lost space in corners, special corners units can be used to form L-shapes or bridging units used to form U-shapes, further maximizing storage capacity.

Double slot ‘centre frames’ are an economical means of joining cool-room units ‘end-to-end’ creating continuous runs of shelving to whatever length you require. Onto this, bridging units and corner units can be added to form a truly ‘tailor-made’ shelving system for any need.

slotThe sleek clean ‘click-in’ nature of the units makes future expansion and changes a breeze.

•No tools required
•Strong & durable
•Zinc plated
•Fast & easy to assemble
•Wide range of sizes
•Fire & corrosion resistant
•Adjustable feet for uneven floors
•Can be ordered with lockable castors

Available Cool-room shelving sizes

Height:1350mm, 1800mm or 2000mm

Length:600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm

Depth:300mm, 375mm, 450mm, 525mm, 600mm

Popular Cool-room shelving sizes listed in bold.

•Individual Bays (Basic Unit)
•Continuous Runs of 2 or more bays (use Add-On Units)
•Bridging Units
•Corner Units


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